Success story of Verónica Lidimba

Verónica Lidimba is a 36-year-old woman, mother and daughter who was born in Cabo Delgado province, Mueda district. Currently, she works as a Community Relations Officer for CCS JV, in the LNG project, worldwide classified in Afungi, Palma district, Cabo Delgado province.

Verónica, tell us a little about yourself and your trajectory?
“I had a good childhood, close to my parents, where I was able to grow up in a healthy way. After some family constrains, I went on to live with my mother, due to financial difficulties I had to skip a year of school and started to work as a typist for 6 months, in the following year I resumed my studies and finished 12th grade. I worked with the development of surveys within the scope of agricultural and livestock census in all districts of Cabo Delgado. Having spent in early childhood education, in the community development sector as a facilitator.”

What is it like to work with people from different cultures and languages?
“It is not easy, but it is also not impossible. I think the best way to deal with each other is through mutual respect. We have the advantage of interacting with people from different cultures and languages, something that I found interesting when I arrived at CCS JV, a constant learning process, like a school, I feel that we are always progressing.”

When and how do you start your journey at CCS JV? What was your impression when you arrived in Afungi?
“December of 2019, I did not have a full picture of the Project.
During the induction process I saw that it was completely different from the manner I used to work at other institutions, firstly i was not used to working with a computer for myself, this became real at CCS JV. I realized that CCS JV is like a tree that has its ramifications when I was introduced to the subcontractors which I would work with.”

How was the first contact with the communities as a CCS JV employee?
“Knowing the local language and the experience in dealing with the community, it was not a difficult task to mobilize communities to transmit security in the context of conflict resolution.”

CCS JV, is a consortium that works in the areas of Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the Mozambique LNG Project, as a Mozambican woman, what does it mean to work on a project of this magnitude?
“I believe that work dignifies us and is the key to opening doors.
When I look at Verónica in 2009 and today, I see a big difference, it is a victory to me, a unique opportunity to be part of this Project and history through CCS JV. Especially for me, being a woman and from Cabo Delgado, I never thought I could be part of such a big project.
I hope to continue contributing with my best to achieve my goals and that of the company in local development and to the economic development of our Mozambique.”

What is Verónica’s opinion on the LNG Project for Mozambique, considering that the country is under development?
“I believe that this project is significantly contributing to the development of Mozambique. We have several employees, mainly Mozambicans, this already promotes the progression of the economy in the country, I see many young people, especially the locals who come from the communities and are working here. It has changed and continues to change the lives of colleagues for the better.”

How do you see your professional and personal development since you joined CCS JV until today and in the end of this Project?
“I believe that I will not be the same Verónica, the daily trainings that we have, the challenges that I receive on a day-to-day basis, In fact, since I joined, I see great improvements in myself as a person and in my work. Even my English, which was a great challenge for me.”

Verónica would you like to leave a message here?
“We must first have faith, God first and focus on our goals, determination, and willingness to learn new things. It is important to want to learn.
Looking at the opportunities I had, imagine if I refused to learn new things, a large percentage of Mozambican women think that there is no space for us in worldwide classified projects in the oil and gas sector, but this is not true.
There is space and many tasks for women, CCS JV has always made it clear to me that women are capable” said VL.”