National Content Policy

Delivering long-term benefits for the community

CCS JV is committed to maximizing participation of Mozambicans though the employment, procurement of local goods and services, skill, knowledge and technology exchange. CCS JV understand the participation of the local community is integral to the successful development and operation of our Project. Moreover, the development of our Project offers a unique opportunity for national content development.

Role of our Subcontractors

National Content makes up a critical portion of CCS JV’s tender evaluation process. As a part of the competitive bid process, our Subcontractors are required to provide national content forecasts and initiatives, as well as a detailed National Content Plan. The Plans must include detailed information on:

  • Actual and/or projected Mozambican ownership or shareholding (if applicable)
  • Investments and fixed assets in Mozambique
  • Actual and projected Mozambican employees
  • National recruitment and training programs
  • Maximizing local content through local supplier development and procurement strategies
  • Skill, knowledge, information and technology transfer
  • Other actual value contributions to the national economy

Our Commitments

  • Establishing and maintaining training and development programs to facilitate employment on the Project
  • Preferentially employing Mozambican Nationals where individuals meet the Project requirements
  • Identifying commercial opportunities for Mozambican suppliers to provide goods and/or services for the Project
  • Offering business development support and/or facilitating contractual ventures on a mutually beneficial basis