The Code of Ethics (“Code”) sets forth and underpins CCS JV’s expectations of us; our suppliers; subcontractors; vendors; all service providers; their employees and suppliers worldwide. The Code is a set of corporate principles and values which directs us to act with transparency, fairness, accountability, integrity, respect, loyalty and excellence.

The Code applies to everyone who acts on behalf of CCS JV, including the Board of Directors, employees, interns, external stakeholders and every person and/or entity that contributes to the accomplishment of CCS JV’s objectives for the project.

The CCS JV’s Compliance Committee performs an oversight function of the implementation and application of the Code on the project; to promote continuous improvement in ethical awareness. It also guarantees for everyone, an open, transparent, independent channel of communication for all the ethical concerns.

Everyone has a responsibility to raise a concern whenever aware of a violation of the Code, as the responsibility of upholding the Code lies with all of us.

To ensure anyone could report a concern or wrongdoing, CCS JV established an external Hotline to receive anonymous reports. The CCS JV Compliance Committee monitors the Hotline; will investigate the facts of all reports and take the appropriate action. The Committee will not divulge the identity of the reporter. Reprisal against a whistleblower is against the law.

You may report an incident to the Compliance Committee (, the CCS JV Compliance Officers by email: or
The link to the CCS JV Hotline: