Business Ethics

The complexity of the situations and challenges that CCS JV faces and the need to preserve and strengthen the trust placed in us by our stakeholders make it essential for the Company to continue to clearly maintain its own values and principles. CCS JV’s commitment to conducting its activities in compliance with the highest ethical standards must be observed by every Company employee to protect and consolidate the prestige and reputation of CCS JV.

This is why the Code of Ethics and Organisation, Management and Control Model were prepared with a statement of CCS JV’s values and principles to ensure that all business activities are carried out in compliance with regulations, loyalty, fairness, and transparency towards all stakeholders.

The CCS JV Code of Ethics was developed to require and ensure compliance with these values and responsibilities by CCS JV’s directors, officers, statutory auditors, managers, employees, contractors, agents, and vendors, as well as by all those who operate in Italy and abroad for achieving CCS JV’s objectives, each operating within its own functions and responsibilities pursuant to legal and contractual provisions governing the relationship with CCS JV. Compliance with the Code further ensures CCS JV’s efficiency, reliability, and reputation, which are critical to the success of the Project and for improving the social context in which CCS JV operates.

Everyone shall be fully aware of the importance of the proper application of our principles and rules, as well as of proper conduct which represents non-negotiable values for CCS JV.