Success story of Moz Environmental Ltd

Moz Environmental Limited, part of the Interwaste group, complies with all the national legislation and is committed to GIIP. It has been operating in Mozambique, with resources, equipment and management supported by international experts in a variety of fields including oil and gas.

When did you become a CCSJV subcontractor and tell us about your contribution to the main project?
Ben Yanda, Manager Oil and Gas -” we signed our first contract with CCSJV in 2018 and at the beginning of 2020, we were pleased to be awarded a contract to provide waste management services for five years to CCSJV. Moz Environmental expanded to Pemba in 2012 and we opened a facility in Palma in 2014 which is now a fully serviced depot.
Our purpose and contribution are to serve land and life through, providing clients with safe, compliant, innovative and effective waste management solutions, especially to this mega-project in Afungi.”

How do you source the manpower that your operations require in the site area?
“Our workforce comes mainly from the districts in which we operate.
For example, in Palma our staff is more than 80% from the district.”

What can you point out a highlight in your local recruitment, in Palma?
“We are committed to the development of all our people and take pride that nine out of our 28 leadership positions are filled by Mozambican women, two of whom work in field operations which is a historically male dominated subsector of industry. ”

How many employees has Moz Environment Lda trained and/ or capacitated so far in the site area?
Our team in Palma has reached over 60 individuals already. We have been able to support them with professional training and introduce more than 30 individuals in Afungi-Palma to the formal labour market.


Can you describe your impact in your local team in Palma, with regards to training and capacitation processes?
“We focus on creating permanent contracts with our employees in line with sustainable labour practices and good business leadership. We recognize training and corporate social responsibility to be part of our mission as a corporate citizen.
A key part of our success has been achieved through local recruitment and significant investments in training. We prioritize local recruitment of skilled and unskilled labour and develop intensive training matrices to support our work and their careers.
We retain local talent and consider our corporate development a sign of their career development and vice versa.”

Are you currently working with any Partners/Subcontractors?
“Moz Environmental offers total waste management solutions and in instances where we are unable to provide part of a service to a client, we work with approved partners or sub-contractors to ensure a seamless service is delivered. We have developed a core set of smaller subcontractors with whom we participate and work together to build local capacity.”

How can a large environmental service provider like Moz Environmental cooperate with smaller business partners from Palma, including small or medium enterprises?
“We currently have two working relationships with local subcontractors in Palma.
These partners have enabled us to deliver to contract expectations and support a key goal of creating local and sustainable economic and growth while serving land and life. In addition, we use many local suppliers for goods, service and materials.”

Do you foresee more business opportunities soon for SME´s to partner with you?
The significant investment in and development of the region should bring business opportunities for all. We believe that many SME’s in Mozambique could realize opportunities on this project especially if the project prioritizes their incorporation into the LNG value chain and full project lifecycle. ”


Would you recommend them to international markets for business opportunities?
“Being part of an international group active in several parts of Africa and the world, we found that Mozambique is full of motivated, self-starting entrepreneurs with dedicated and loyal workforces. Opportunities like Mozambique LNG Project enable them to gain greater expertise and this coupled with their work ethic and passion for the development of their country, should position these companies well for future international engagements. ”

What are the expectations of Moz Environmental, this being a worldwide classified project with such a large dimension?
“We hope Mozambique can use this mega-project to set the foundation for enhanced sustainable growth that benefits a large portion of the population through not only job creation but transformation of the economy.
It is a key project for Moz Environmental too, as it formed part of our strategic development plant for numerous years. We are proud to be part of CCSJV and Total’s venture and are fully committed to delivering on our promises to ensure the success of the entire project from an economic, social and environmental perspective.”

What are your marks in terms of CSR?
“We are committed to working and engaging closely with the communities in which we operate. As a local waste management company, we assist extensively with districts and municipalities in formal agreements related to environmental issues such as waste management. The initiatives are varied and include beach cleanups, soccer developments but most of all, helping the government with the ever-present challenge of removing waste from cities and towns.
We engage regularly with the District and provincial governments and are working to develop a first-of-its-kind waste management facility in farthest reaches of not only Cabo Delgado but the whole of Mozambique. We have successfully worked to increase landfill avoidance so that nearly 90% of waste managed in Palma and Pemba does not end up in a landfill. A good example of this is a technical solution to process waste from drilling projects offsets and recovers the solids to make bricks, the waste for construction use and the oil to return to drilling uses or energy recovery. In Afungi, one of our CSR initiatives supports the municipal waste collections within the Afungi LNG Resettlement Village. This has been in place since June and we meet monthly with the local government on our combined progress. “