Success story of MCC Lda

MCC-Maintenance and Civil Construction Lda, is a 100% Mozambican company licensed and registered with the Ministry of Public Works of Mozambique more than five years of work experience in the field and about 60% of permanent staff, MCC Lda, maintains offices in three provinces and headquarters in Cidade da Matola, Rua Eusébio da Silva Ferreira nº 474.
Its main objective is to increase its investments and lead the competition, preserving the good name of civil engineering in Mozambique and abroad.

In 2019 MCC Lda expressed an interest in competing for the opportunity to work with CCSJV on the world class Mozambique LNG project, in the construction of a training center in the district of Palma, Mozambique.
This justified the hiring of 100 Mozambican employees, of which 30 were in the DUAT area and 70 were from other parts of Mozambique.
At this moment MCC Lda, has one partner and two possible subcontractors in negotiation processes that will give the necessary support in the realization of this center.

This being the first work of MCC Lda in Cabo Delgado “We are mobilizing resources in parallel for a 5KM high voltage line repair activity in Macomia, in the province of Cabo Delgado. This is part of a contract with EDM – Mozambique Electricity Company, that emerged as a business opportunity due to the partnership with CCSJV in Afungi. We hope to enter and stay in the province for many years.” Said MCC Project Director Alcidio Nhapossa.


Can you describe the work to be done in Afungi, Cabo Delgado Province?
“Our contract is for the provision of the construction of seven buildings that will be part of the training center, including the supply of furniture to the center.”

What is the expected delivery time?
“Our lead time will be eight months. The contract with CCSJV is 32 months, including a 24-month warranty and possibly a maintenance contract.”

How does MCC Lda plan to update the work that will take place?
“According to the contract in force, signed with the CCSJV in February 2020, MCC Lda, will provide monthly reports updating the partner of local activities and other social plans in the region.”

What are the expectations of MCC Lda, this being a worldwide classified project with a large dimension?
“Let’s say that since January 2020, when we had the communication that we had won this contract, that our expectations are generally positive. being a 100% Mozambican company and based on our experience in other partnerships in the same industry, signing of this contract once again consigned MCC Lda the opportunity to do business and add value by taking local quality solutions in the area of civil construction.
Aware of the dimension of this project, the partnership with CCSJV will bring great benefits to MCC Lda raising our level of quality and capacity to respond to expectations such as this project which will certainly promote MCC Lda to open to the international market.”

“For MCC Lda it is a great success and that will be so until the end of our contract with CCSJV.” Said Alcidio Nhapossa