Success Story of Leopoldo Timana

Leopoldo Timana, a quality Inspector, who also supports the construction as an inspector too at the LNG Project, joined the CCSJV Project in October 2019.

Leopoldo can you tell us about your background.
“I was born and grew up in Maputo, where I initiated my studies and I graduated as an Architect at Universidade Tecnica of Lisbon.”

How was it like to come back from Europe to work in Mozambique, after graduation?
“When I came back to Mozambique in 2012, I started working in the construction industry, I managed to be part of the construction of a clinic in Tete and it was a good experience. Now that I joined CCS JV, I am glad to be exposed to an international working environment, in such a large world-class Project and being based in my Country.”

What was your first impression when you arrived at Afungi, to work for Mozambique LNG with CCS JV?
“I knew already that it was a large Project, but it is only when you see it with your own eyes that you appreciate the real size of it.”


The Project keeps growing every day! Leopoldo, what could this work experience represent to a young Mozambique professional like you?
“It is a continuous improvement working environment.
I first started as a construction supervisor and I quickly moved to quality control inspector. I feel I am learning something new every day while I am working here.”

So now what’s next?
“This Project already pleasantly surprised me as it is greater than I could have anticipated and now I would like for it to continue representing an opportunity of growth for Mozambique and youth people as myself.”