Success story of Hatch and Impacto

Hatch is an employee-owned and independent global engineering firm with over six decades of business and technical experience in the metals, energy, infrastructure, digital and investments market sectors. Their head office is in Mississauga, Canada, working closely with the communities in which they serve to ensure that their solutions optimize environmental protection, economic prosperity, social justice and cultural vibrancy. This commitment is evident in the contractual agreement with Impacto, a well-known and respected Mozambican based environmental consultancy, with over 20 years of experience in Mozambique, working together for CCS JV to create positive change on a large world class project, in Palma, Mozambique.


What has motivated Hatch to consider a contract with Impacto?
“During the bid process, Hatch was made aware of Impacto who, at that time, was one of the leading environmental companies established in Mozambique. Impacto was involved in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for the LNG Plant and therefore, had detailed knowledge of the project and more specifically, the geographical area and environmental sensitivities that could add value to Hatch.
Impacto was selected by Hatch as the preferred Mozambican environmental company based on their local experience and institutional knowledge of the project. ”

How long have you been working together?
“Hatch and Impacto partnered in 2013/2014 during the early pursuit stages of the project and has since formed a strong working relationship. ”

How many people from Impacto are currently working with Hatch at site?
“Impacto has three (3) permanent on-site staff and management support from head office in Maputo.”

Did Hatch capacitate or trained Impacto staff in Hatch’s business approach, monitoring/procedures?
“Hatch values knowledge sharing and skills development and therefore this partnership is a unique opportunity for Hatch to provide Impacto with insight into Hatch’s project delivery methodology and environmental services and in turn for Hatch site personnel to learn from Impacto’s local knowledge.”

Can you describe your progress and marks in the main project?
“Hatch has been awarded the environmental monitoring services for the project and is supporting the construction to undertake the works in such a way that the impact on the environment is reduced, monitored and should the need arise, appropriate corrective actions are undertaken. ”


Can we say Impacto has contributed to this progress?
“Yes, Impacto is key in providing local knowledge on the project as well as specialized services. The site personnel form an important part of the site team and bring a great team dynamic.
Impacto adds continuous value by contributing and sharing their knowledge including that of national and regional legislation, environmental sensitivities as well as the local traditions and customs of the area.”

Would you consider contracting or partnering with any more Mozambican SME’s to work in this project?
“Yes, Hatch believes in building small and medium business and fostering relationships that are in-line with Hatch’s values and complement our services.”