Success story of Derson Lopes Nhamuave

Derson Lopes Nhamuave, Customs and Logistics Coordinator, 31 years old, born in Maputo. Derson joined the CCS JV Project in 2019.

Derson, can you tell us about your background?
“I was born in Maputo, in 1990, I began my studies at the age of 6 at the primary school Patrice Lumumba, a few years later I enrolled for a course in Ports Management, due to work related reasons, I interrupted it for a while in my third year and moved to live in Nampula. In 2016, I returned to Maputo to complete the work I had been assigned to and in 2020 I decided to join a Law course at the Universidade Técnica de Moçambique up to date.”

When did you join the CCS JV Project? And what was your impression of it?
“In October 2019, I joined CCS JV and to be honest I am still immensely happy to be exposed to an international work environment in a project based in my country of origin. At the time, I looked at this opportunity as the beginning of a declared battle, challenging myself as a young man, to give my all and put my experience into practice.”

 Derson you were selected to do training on SAP at the Saipem office in Milan.
Can you tell us how this experience went?
“Yes, my training was aimed at decentralizing some activities carried out only by the Milan team, which currently makes up 50% of my daily activities.
It was a great challenge, mainly because it was my first-time leaving Africa to Europe.
A remarkable experience, to be surrounded by people with more experience than me, who took their time to dedicate themselves in providing me with all the necessary tools to operate SAP.”

How long did this training last?
“The training was scheduled to last for 3 weeks, from February 18th to March 7th, 2020.
However, I ended up staying longer and after the training ended, I had the opportunity to put some work into practice.”

Did the training meet your expectations?
“In your point of view, did it add value to your experience?
Yes definitely! It exceeded my expectations.
I was only aware of the SAP tool, and today it is different, I feel confident, as I work with SAP daily, without it the logistics team would be unable to carry out its work, so it did add a lot of value to my work experience.”

Is it ok to say that you have acquired the ability to pass this training on to your colleagues if necessary?
“Yes, it was exactly the procedure we followed, as the logistics team grew and whenever there is a query, we turn to the team in Milan for support.”

In your view, what does it take to be successful professionally?
“Willingness to win, focus and determination.
To face all challenges as opportunities to learn and improve each day.
I believe that my experience is also a fundamental part in the development of my career towards success.”

And what comes next?
“Customs and Logistics Coordinator, it is a title that cannot start and end like this” said Derson Nhamuave with a lot of tenacity and resilience in his words.
I intend to grow as the project grows, in terms of experience and responsibilities.
I would also like the project to continue to represent an opportunity for growth not only for Mozambique, but also for young Mozambicans like me.
One day, I would like to be able to take with me all the values acquired here onwards.”