Success story of Arcénio Sautiane

Who is Arcénio Sautiane?
“Arcénio Luís Sautiane, is my full name, I am Mozambican son of Olimpia Moises and Luis Sautiane. I was born in Xai-Xai and I am the 5th of 6 siblings.
I am an engineer and a lover of motorsports.”

What is your training and professional experience?
“I studied Mechanical Engineering and Transports, with specialization in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) level II and LME (Lifting Machinery Examiner).
I graduated at the Instituto Superior de Transportes e Telecomunicações de Moçambique, I also studied at Trinity Institution in India and the British Council Mozambique.
Before joining the CCS JV Project, I had the opportunity to work as a Mechanical Engineer and Industrial Inspector in other large companies and projects (national and international).”

When did you join the CCS JV Project? And what was your impression when you arrived at site?
“I joined the CCS JV Project on the 1st of October 2019.
I had been exposed to construction projects in remote areas before, but as soon as I arrived at the site and saw the dimension of the CCS JV Project, I was amazed by the number of employees and the entire logistic process to guarantee the employee’s comfort, was impressive.”

Can you describe your tasks?
“I currently work as a Marine Construction Engineer and OSBL (Outside Batery Limit), we manage all subcontractors involved in the Project.
My job is specifically to ensure that they comply with the Project schedule, without neglecting quality and HSE, which is the most important factor in our work.
The tools used for this are: daily, weekly, and monthly reports, including weekly meetings held with subcontracts for further monitoring.”

“The first action as a result of the cooperation between CCS JV and IFPELAC, Institute of professional training for young Mozambicans, was the restructuring of the IFPELAC facilities in Pemba, Cabo Delgado, and the implementation of vocational courses …”
We are aware that a group of Engineers was selected for training at IFPELAC in Pemba and you were part of that group?
Can you tell us about the experience?
“Yes, we were a group of about 10 engineers selected to do the Gas Plant Engineering course. The group was subdivided into 4 areas: (Mechanical, Civil, Architecture and Electrical).
For me, the course was of great importance, since it was linked to mechanics and some terms were already familiar to me.”

Do you think this training has benefited you?
“Yes, of course, it gave me another perspective and more clarity of what the Gas Processing Plant, ISBL (Inside Battery Limit) would look like, and it also helped me manage my activities better, analyzes and monitor with more confidence and security of what is expected of me.”

Were there any highlights, any moments that marked you during this training?
“Yes,” said Arcenio with pride, “the moment I learned how this plant would be connected, the science of the interconnection of the entire structure.
It is impressive for all engineers in my field.”

Arcénio, what do you think it takes to succeed in your career?
“Firstly, we must put everything in God’s hands, no matter what religion you profess. Secondly, when you receive a task, whether you like it or not, focus and do your best to it.
Thirdly and above all, believe in yourself and never give up!”