Mission with Business Community of Cabo Delgado (“Speed Dating”) 1st Edition

An event attended by the CCS JV team and several partners from the Business Community, in the Province of Cabo Delgado, Pemba.
This event took place at Kaya Village on February 8-11, 2021.

The event was organized with the objective of having a better understanding of the capacities in the local market, to improve the relationship with existing suppliers and registering new suppliers. This first edition was focused on some priority areas in the goods and services categories.

As a result, another opportunity was created to connect CCS JV and local business partners, to exchange ideas and experiences and to provide greater knowledge about the opportunities that CCS JV brings, as well as our activities and the way we are established.

As the 1st edition, the event was a success with the participation of 35 companies, based in Cabo Delgado.

The feedback from the participants was positive, some comments from the entrepreneurs were highlighted, on how this occasion gave them the chance to understand the project and to express their interest in the opportunities from CCS JV including the more detailed individual discussions.

To encourage the local Business Community to position itself ready to embrace new opportunities, CCS JV will replicate this event monthly, with each meeting reserved for potential suppliers of specific categories of goods and services which will be informed in advance.

Understanding “closely” the capabilities of the nearest local market is essential for the development and improvement of the local supply chain, providing not only an opportunity to strengthen the value creation for Cabo Delgado by the Project, but also allowing CCSJV to perform procurement actions, more effectively close and punctual.